Hear Their Stories

Everyone has a story, so we went to the streets to ask some questions

Craig Waley, 46
Craig was the first person to welcome us as we arrived to our location. He was a kind and gracious man and appreciated the idea of being able to use his trade with Farm 4 Freedom. He wanted the community to know that "none of us were born like this, we were born to families: I used to be somebody. When you end up on the streets, people will feed you, clothe you, bathe you, and even give you shelter, but no one offers a way out." He said that "we will stay where we are if no one gives us a chance."

Melissa, 57
A kind woman with breath-taking blue eyes that simply lit up the room. She thought fondly of her childhood on the farm; working beside her grandparents, yet she did not seek to farm at this age. She joyfully said that this would definitely help her community., but admits that farming is not ideal for her at this time. Although I didn't hear her full story, I could tell she had passion and fire inside her. She had plenty of life and willing to work. She has grown accustomed to her community and feels comfortable with the people around her so she is content with this life for the meanwhile, but admits that there are many around her that need this opportunity to get off the streets.

Billy, 52
Billy was a gentle and kind man that waited for an opportunity to get a plate of cobbler. He was quiet but listened well to the words I spoke. He appreciated the idea of the project but had little hope in seeing that sort of opportunity given to him. He wanted people to know "I just want to help people. "He saw this as an opportunity to do that.

Teresa is an immigrant from Africa who soon found herself living on the streets. She was a kind and quiet woman with a contagious smile. She did not see herself as a farmer but was quite fond of cooking her traditional African dishes. She tossed her head back with some laughter and a smile as she thought of the idea of cooking her fresh dishes for the community. She wanted the community to know that she doesn't want much, just a roof over her head.